Roofs Restructuring

PI 2000 realizes coverings and cladding facades for civil and industrial buildings, dealing with the energy requalification of building envelopes with highly qualified personnel and high-quality materials.

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The goal is to create a functional, durable and beautiful to look at work intervening in the event of removal of damaged and hazardous to health asbestos roofs.


Realization of metal roofing for large surfaces with or without thermal insulation, ensuring an excellent quality / price ratio and intervening even in case of removal of slabs of eternit and remaking of the roof.


Metal roofing for industrial warehouses


The products most commonly used for metal roofs of sheds and industrial buildings are:

  • Corrugated roofing sheets, usually used in pedestrian sheds
  • Roofing with sandwich panels with integrated insulation sheath


Roofing with corrugated plates


Roofing with tile sandwich panels


Alternatively, you can create industrial roofing with clay-tiles.


The covers for residential and civil buildings are generally made with tiles and shingles, they are in fact clay-tile roofs.

We only use the highest quality materials, and, according to the requests, we can install insulation systems of any type, and the desired color effects.

We also deal with the production and assembly of any type of:

  • gutter
  • coatings
  • joints
  • waterproofing

As well as mounting or removing tiles and shingles, if necessary we provide to dispose of.


Clay roof for residential rooftops

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