Vehicle ramps

We create herringbone ramps for vehicles and swiped ramps for pedestrian transit. Upon request we can design heating systems to avoid the formation of ice with low temperatures.

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Of twenty years experience in the realization of industrial pavings PI 2000 could not neglect the realization of reinforced service ramps, driveways, slip-resistant concrete, which are the right junction between different floors of a structure, or between building and road surface.

The particular finish with “fish-bone” design allows a high adherence of the tires even in presence of ice or snow, also the wire mesh reinforcement with rough concrete and the coating by quartz base reinforced layer ensure a highly wear-resistant surface.

Considering intervention zone, seasonal average temperatures, intended use and expected load to which the ramp will be subjected, we will design the right mix to be used, choosing the best materials and carefully considering customer needs, also, if necessary, we advise and design a supplementary heating system by electric heating coils or water, to allow the drive over the ramp even at very low temperatures.

Ramps in a herringbone pattern: for the realization of the herringbone effect the vehicle ramp is knurled manually to facilitate the flow of water, the adhesion of the tires of the car and to make the surface more compact.

Combed or swiped ramps: they can be made by the same technique of the ramps in a herringbone pattern but differ for the different finish, achieved by passing a special stiff bristles broom above the still fresh surface of the quartz mixture. The effect will be rough “combed”. This type is recommended for ramps with pedestrian transit as it improves the adhesion of the shoe and therefore safety.

We often build herringbone and swiped hybrid ramps to secure both the transit of vehicles and people.

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