Resins for floors

PI 2000 uses self-leveling resins for the creation of floorings, to recover damaged floors and for sealing expansion joints of industrial flooring. It also performs resin paint to color and decorate floors.

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The numerous variants of the resins and applications have allowed an exponential growth both in civil than in commercial use.

The resin floors in fact have the ability to meet very large performance and functional requirements through the choice of type of coating and materials.

They perfectly respond to all the mechanical, chemical, hygienic, healthcare as well as aesthetic requirements finding the right compromise between aesthetic and functional performance.

The resin is a finishing material which can be laid out on several floors or on substrates and screeds concrete, in order to restore old flooring, coloring or tinting existing floors, achieve a durable finish for heavy machining industry.



The use of the resin has many applications in the field of flooring, especially in the industrial sector.

The strong adhesion to the supporting surface, despite a rapid installation, makes the resin incredibly resistant to shocks, scratches and abrasions. Thanks to the resin finish in the surface layer is:

  • waterproof
  • insulating
  • anti-dust
  • resistant to chemicals
  • easy to clean
  • quick and easy maintenance

The advantages of this type of treatment are numerous and it guarantees excellent results from the use point of view for the high aesthetic.




Its flexibility allows a wide use even in the civil field, making it a great solution for homes, gyms, garages, beauty salons, saunas and baths.


The resin, being it a finishing material, is perfectly suited to the recovery or restoration of damaged and obsolete flooring; the treated floor looks like a continuous surface, without gaps and with an excellent visual impact. In addition, our materials do not have any kind of “withdrawal” once laid, thus avoiding cracks or fissures.


The formation of lesions on the pavements is due to the rigidity of the same floor (rupture of the screed at the limit of the horizontal profiles), to the realization of the joints by cutting or simple wear and tear of the walkable layer.

The resin plays in these cases an important role, and sometimes to recover lost or even seriously damaged floors.

The remedial measures may take place through resin injections or with real sagging self-leveling resins ranging to cover the worn layer.

In particular they are carried out:

  • Restoring loading ramps with use of materials that allow rapid deployment of the ramps
  • Consolidation between the floor and the screed to eliminate vertical movements
  • Restoring construction joints
  • Restoring contraction joints with resin sealing
  • Restoring the wear layer with the use of acrylic-resins and cementitious mortars

These techniques provide solid recoveries, durable and low shutter speeds.


The resins are also used for sealing expansion joints of industrial flooring, because unlike the execution of the neoprene resin joint has characteristics of durability and further responds excellently to shear forces to which the flooring is subjected.

They are made of expansion joints with elastic resin armed double layer.


The resin coatings are suitable for the coverage of new industrial floors, made by dusting of quartz concrete, subject to a subsequent less intensive use.

On the basis of the required colors a painting or spraying roller is performed as a finish of the existing pavement to accentuate the aesthetic or contribute to its waterproofing. In fact, the decorative resins allow us to work on horizontal and vertical surfaces and they are particularly suitable for saunas and baths to improve the healthiness of the air and to facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the area.

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