Concrete architectural floors

PI 2000 creates printed architectural floors, washed gravel effect concrete floors and draining paving suitable for courtyard areas, business entrances and car parks.

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Architectural flooring
 perform tasks of lift and durability, and they are particularly pleasing and naturally integrating in the surrounding environment.

Printed concrete paving

Printed architectural floors today are an alternative between the natural stone, nice but expensive and delicate, and interlocking stones paving.

In fact, printed concrete pavements faithfully reproduce the effect of stones, wood and porphyry with various decorations, all at an affordable cost, and with short lead times.

Printed floors have excellent resistance to compression and are therefore also suitable for the passage of large loads, in addition to being pleasing to the eye.

The particular protective resin that covers them makes them virtually unaffected by atmospheric agents, also they do not need to care of the substrate and being monolithic, they cancel the problems of grass growing in the interstices.

Therefore they require little maintenance, they are very resistant to weathering and they are not affected by dust, water, mold and temperature changes.

The printed floor is accomplished through the technique of “molding in work” on fresh concrete, in fact, the sequence of operations follows those of the realization of a concrete pavement with the difference that the surface finish is performed by various molds type according to the effect to be obtained.

The uniform concrete, is in fact printed, pre-processed and colored faithfully reproducing any design of a stone or brick floor.

The printed floors can be used for paving public, private and industrial spaces, for the entry of villas, swimming pool surrounds, walkways, or entrances and business car parks.

Printed floors offer the solidity and strength of a reinforced concrete slab but the beauty of porphyry, wood, cobblestone flooring.

Besides eliminating the problems of grass growing in the cracks it is mold resistant, dust-proof, non-slip and anti-absorption.

Washed gravel effect concrete floors

The washed gravel effect concrete floor is very spectacular, ideal for decorating and customize outdoor spaces trough a variety of colors, designs and finishes.

The use of grits and stone chipping aggregates of various sizes and particle size allows to obtain a wide range of architectural and chromatic effects in full compliance with environmental balance.

All mixes are prepared using ad hoc mixtures and design mixes of our own design, based on the requirements of the designer.

The mixture project takes into account various factors such as workability, mechanical strength and the degree of durability.

Our blends use only top-quality products that allow us to create unique color effects and provide the full guarantee of a job that fully responds to the request of the buyer.

  1. Drafting of the selected mix in thicknesses from 2 to 5 cm
  2. Leveling and smoothing of the surface
  3. Application of specific additives
  4. Drying of the surface, within 12-24 hours, with a pressure washer
  5. Application of protective resin

Stone washed effect concrete floor is ideal for swimming pools, driveways, streets, sidewalks, parks, theme parks, pedestrian areas, car parks, roundabouts and all street furniture works.

Due to its low thickness it can be applied on existing concrete screeds, it is very durable, accessible to vehicles and water-repellent as well as practical and quick to apply.

It is a practical and lasting solution, ideal for elegant exterior surfaces, of great effect and at a low cost.

Draining Flooring

A pavement in pervious concrete is the ideal solution for all the areas that must maintain the requirements of permeability of the soil but require a driveway paving resistant to passage of cars.

That’s why draining floors meet the following technical and aesthetic requirements:

  • Pedestrian areas
  • Cycle paths
  • Parking yards
  • Sports facilities
  • Areas subject to environmental protection

In fact the high draining power allows the outflow of more than 30 liters of water per second per square meter; a positive response to requests by technical offices or zoning provisions on the permeability coefficients of some areas.

The floors will be performed by designing a specific design mix for the specific project. The mixture is supplied ready for laying.
The mixture can be coloured according to the requests by the addition of special coloured pigments.

It can also strengthen the final color by the use of colored finishing resins without compromising the permeability index of the entire floor.

We realize strips for car parks and every type of road markings.

There are several advantages in choosing a draining floor, here are some main aspects:

  • High draining capacity
  • High resistance
  • Natural and customizable appearance
  • Drive over after only three days after laying
  • Low environmental impact
  • Fast implementation
  • Resistant to ice, fire and hydrocarbons
  • It speeds up snow and ice melting process
  • No contraction joint

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