Vacuum excavations by working machines and vehicles

PI 2000 performs suction excavations with specialized machinery to eliminate dry dirt and gravel, but also humid or liquid materials. Very useful in case of flooding, landslides, and difficult access areas.

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The vacuum excavation makes it possible to carry out excavations or aspirations to clean up the area with a higher speed, a better cleaning and small obstruction compared to the same activity carried out manually or with noisy machinery and complicated execution.

The excavation can be performed on dry land and stones, but also on damp or liquid lands without causing any environmental damage.


This particular work machinery also allows to carry out nimbly different services hitherto impossible, in fact it acts as a means of pumping to momentarily eliminate the bulk material, which is sucked into a folding container, and can be subsequently pumped and re-positioned at the origin place.

This system avoids creating working sites and is particularly suitable for interventions in historical centers, or areas where it is not possible to create obstruction areas.

Thanks to the use of pipes which may reach hundreds of meters the excavator can be safely placed and work even where it would be impossible to arrive with conventional methods, therefore, it is very useful during flooding, recovery, landslides or other emergency interventions being able to operate safely while respecting the environment, the infrastructure and the site in which it operates.



  • Complete elimination of manual excavation;
  • Reduction of processing times from 40% to 70%;
  • Possibility of working up to 150m away and 30m in depth;
  • Ability to intervene in areas difficult to reach or underground.


Through the use of a distance remote controlled mini-robot it is now possible to carry out excavations without the use of operators in the subsoil, eliminating the problem of smoke and hazardous fumes and improving considerably the times and working conditions of the workers, taking advantage of small openings made in processing soil.

The available robots are actuated hydraulically and drag the suction tube inside the ducts for lengths of over 100m.

Depending on the situation we can use:

  • Cat: equipped by tracked traction, front grabber for demolition ahead of the vehicle, suitable for conduits of large diameter.
  • Earthworm: equipped tracked traction, suitable for pipes with a circular or square cross-section of more than 80cm diameter in environments not accessible to man.
  • Caterpillar: designed for oval sections ducts, it has a telescopic arm to which interchangeable tools can be applied.


The field of applications of vacuum excavator is practically infinite, since the machine can be coupled to any other type of processing carried out by PI 2000.

The excavator is able to suck respecting the environment any type of material in any condition and location, for this P.I. 2000 is able to carry out any type of work in addition to those usually performed, including:

  • Public excavations
  • Vacuum excavation in gardens (e.g. Swimming pools, fountains, trees)
  • Recovery debris from building demolition
  • Inspection, cleaning and reactivation clogged ducts by Robot
  • Separate lightweight materials from the debris (e.g. Polystyrene, girdles, polyurethane)
  • Pipelines excavations
  • Solid, liquid and muddy material total suction
  • Cleaning concrete plants
  • Clean beaches, sand and gravel
  • Tanks and cisterns cleaning
  • Cleaning under roof, under bridges
  • Roofs cleaning
  • Disposal in licensed landfills authorized by law


For an even more effective service the action of vacuum excavator can also be associated to a powerful jet of water; In fact, the use of high-pressure pump makes it possible to effectively demolish every type of industrial, public or civilian structure without using any chemicals.

While the water destroys the material, the vacuum excavator removes any slag produced, sucking it and removing it immediately.

The combined action of water and air allow in a short time, and without the use of any chemical agent, to demolish each structure and inhale the rubble, carrying out an intervention with the utmost precision and neatness overall.

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