Polluted Sites Recover

(Italiano) PI 2000 esegue opere di bonifiche ambientali di siti contaminati e inquinati nel rispetto delle vigenti normative.

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Polluted Sites Recover

PI 2000 performs design and execution services of securing and recovery of contaminated and polluted sites in compliance with the regulations.

Each intervention is characterized by inspections, surveys and preliminary sampling of the place to be treated, after which the area is secured to prevent further contamination with the surrounding territory.

Finally the site-specific risk analysis is calculated and the preparation of the definitive recovery project is set. The intervention can be carried out off-site through excavations of land and sending them to authorized installations, or interventions such as in-site recovery of soil treatments without removal.

Thanks to specialized staff and a large fleet of vehicles and equipment PI 2000 can readily solve all problems of environmental nature.

Urban regeneration and restoration

The urban regeneration activities include the arrangement of run-down buildings and areas at the specific request by public or private entities. Our activities are perfectly integrated with the recovery of abandoned sites, already subject of recovery, for the environmental protection and recovery.