Property subject to seizure recovery

PI 2000 can realize interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on property seized buildings.

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We are particularly prepared in this field due to the significant number of interventions occurred by large commercial (such as hypermarkets) and industrial (factories for renewal in exchange office or intended use) structures, but also in the most extreme situations where the structure has deteriorated, damaged or burned due to fire material.

PI 2000 is usually commissioned to carry out routine or extraordinary maintenance according to specific needs; all our activities are carried out in strict compliance with laws and safety standards.


Recovery and dismantling equipment

Following a specific judgment and injunctive relief all equipment in the commercial site will be recovered and returned to its rightful owner by a dismantling and transportation service.

Recovery and disposal of hazardous waste and not

Among the activities of maintenance of the properties the recovery and disposal of liquids or solid polluting waste present on site is carried out. P.I. 2000 is also responsible for disposing of any illegal deposits of fuel oils, chemicals, asbestos products or illegal dumping.


After the recovery, the site is renewed for end or later use, or to make it suitable for a return of the property. The intervention may comprise agents or pests removal, cleaning of the external and internal environments, restoration of the ordinary functions of warehouses and offices.

Building Restoration

Restructuring or building restoration activities include interventions on construction parts and finishing of the building in order to restore the total operation of the environments. The main actions occur on lighting systems, ceilings, floors, problems arising from infiltration of water etc…

Transport, Clearance and Collection of unwanted materials

In environments with elements of furniture or equipment no more adequate for that activity, we proceed with clearance and removal and subsequent disposal to landfills or transport to suitable sites.

Maintenance of Green Areas

Routine maintenance of gardens and green areas with pruning, irrigation and grass mowing. On request it is possible to create new areas with irrigation systems, laying of grass and shrubs.

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