Construction of roads, parking lots and yards

PI 2000 acts as a one single partner in the field of infrastructure for the realization of roads, motorways, parking lots and forecourts.

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PI 2000 acts as general contractor in the construction and maintenance of roads and highways and their asphalting, intervening from the design phase until the delivery of the work finished in full respect of planned time and on budget.

The construction of a road may refer to the realization of roads and sidewalks, bike paths and pedestrian walkways, walls and stairs, roundabouts and islands.

These interventions also include the construction of drains, ducts, pipes, electrical systems, street lighting and other safety devices.

After the allocation of the order P.I. 2000 will take care of efficiently organize all the resources necessary to the realization, involving a prepared team and a fleet of cutting edge vehicles.


The realization of the road surface involves the use of the best compounds and an asphalt superficial finish, everything with short deadlines and large areas to be completed.

Here are the main stages of implementation:

  • Prepare and define: lay the signs and prepare the site according to plan. Measure the heights.
  • Level the ground: level the ground and carry out earthworks. Compacting the soil with the roller, the compactor and the vibrating plate.
  • Lay pipes and reinforce: dig ditches. Lay pipes and tubes. Reinforce the concrete elements. Do concrete mixing works.
  • Lay curbs and paving: fix road boundaries with cubes, curbs and borders. Coat small surfaces with concrete or cobblestone.
  • Asphalting and rolling: lay the pavement by asphalt spreaders or by hand. Run the roller. Trim the edges. Adapt the wells.

Following a preliminary inspection and through an assessment of place and amount of work, the most appropriate vehicles to carry out the work in an optimal way will be defined.

On large sizes we can perform the installation of the flooring using a unique machine: the Slipform Paver. This machine allows us to work faster on large sizes and make streaks of more than 750 cm wide, 45 cm thick and as long as necessary.


  • Construction of roads and highways, streets, other vehicle passages and sidewalks;
  • Construction of bridges and tunnels;
  • Surface works for roads, highways, bridges or tunnels: asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance and repair, stone paving, porphyry laying;
  • Vertical and horizontal road signs: painting of road horizontal signs, installation of safety barriers, non-luminous road signs and similar;
  • Street lighting systems, electrical signaling devices, bicycle paths and pedestrian paths;
  • Construction of roundabouts and islands;
  • Realization of parking lots and yards with relative signs;
  • Realization of electrical cables, pipes and sewage systems.