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Major Works

PI 2000 acts as a one single partner in the field of infrastructure for the realization of turnkey industrial and commercial buildings, road and motorway works, construction of airports, railways, bridges and tunnels, and production of Biogas Plants.

Building Services

PI 2000 performs all the services required in the construction field, from the roof renovations and roofing to new constructions, from flooring of buildings and industrial sites to the safety of building sites and the provision of fall protection systems.

Excavations, demolitions and earth-moving

PI 2000 deals with all types of demolition civil and industrial, through technical and advanced machinery; also it operates foundation excavations at any depth with excavation and earth materials resulting thanks to excavators and opera owned means.

Environmental protection and waste disposal

PI 2000 performs operations of removal and disposal of asbestos with subsequent recovery of contaminated areas, it is also responsible for waste disposal and fencing of high-risk environments.


Industrial sites cleaning

PI 2000 performs high-pressure washing, for any industrial, public or civil facility. It is also appointed to implement interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on buildings in judicial custody for building restoration, recover and removal. It finally intervenes in maintenance services of the town’s green areas and on behalf of companies.

Concrete production and transport

PI 2000 has a fully automated production plant and is specialized in the production of ready-mixed concrete ready for use.

Working machines and vehicles rentals

PI 2000 provides, if requested by the customer, the rental of vehicles with operators and the rental of working machines such as excavators and elevators.

Roadside assistance and emergency services


PI 2000 operates as a first aid in case of road accidents or natural disasters. Thanks to the wide availability of vehicles, we can secure the area, confining the dangerous zones and performing collection and disposal works, also in the case of polluting materials.

Emergency service 24 hours per day