Turnkey facilities

PI 2000 acts as a one single partner in the field of infrastructure for the realization of of industrial and commercial turnkey facilities

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Thanks to the experience in every construction industry and the possibility of use of each type of specialized machinery, P.I. 2000 ensures maximum accuracy and speed in the construction of turnkey industrial buildings, following all the production phases, from planning to the preparation of paperwork for authorities.


Our technical department is able to provide specific projects and give full details concerning construction procedures. Our project and the budget includes the structural design of the building which will then be evaluated by a technical designer in accordance with municipal or local regulations.


The works include the construction of foundations, sewers, floors laying, wall construction, all kinds of insulation and coatings, thus including almost the entire range of services offered.

Thanks to the wide specialization in all construction activities we can offer various construction solutions:

  • concrete sheds
  • steel halls
  • steel structures
  • prefabricated buildings
  • temporary or permanent exhibition halls
  • supermarkets
  • shopping centers
  • barns


PI 2000 acts as single partner for each project, taking care of every interior finishing of the warehouse such as the realization of floors, doors and windows. Also it supervises interventions related to the realization of electrical, plumbing, fire protection and safety, in order to provide its customer a complete and finished project, fully operational.


On request by the customer or according to the site needs to be fulfilled, P.I. 2000 is able to perform environmental recovery works or demolition of existing works, preparing the ground for the new building.

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