PI 2000 is engaged in the development of machinery and high technical content solutions, guaranteed for quality and constructional safety and complying with the regulations of the most important certification bodies.

Among the most important technologies used by our staff every day we find some demolition machines specific for applications in difficult operation contexts bringing brilliant and innovative solutions.

Mini Brokk 180


Mini Brokk 180 is a remote controlled lightweight machine, safe and versatile, perfect for medium to large demolitions.

Suitable to intervene in confined spaces and within closed premises, can mount a hydraulic hammer (up to a blowing power of 410 joule), crushers, grabbers or polyp forceps.



Pile breaker

Pile breaker allows to quickly crush foundation piles, keeping the inner reinforcement bars. Due to the flexibility of its modular system it allows to break round or square piles

scapitozzatore per demolizioni

How does pile breaking work

The Pile Breaker mounted on an excavator is first lowered over the pile, then put into operation to carry out the demolition and finally used to remove the demolished concrete exposing the reinforcement bars of the pile itself.

This machine is made by a modular system which enables the demolition of both round and square piles simply by varying the number and type of modules and adapting the equipment to each specific processing with maximum flexibility.