High pressure washing

PI 2000 performs high-pressure washing, to effectively cleanse every type of industrial, public or civilian structure, without using any chemicals. It also deals with the washing of industrial floors and facades.

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The use of high-pressure pump makes it possible to effectively cleanse every type of industrial, public or civilian structure, without using any chemicals. The only element used is water supplied at high pressure.

In this way precious or high social value materials such as, for example, the monuments are not chemically affected.

Among the many examples where you can apply the use of an high pressure washes we include:

  • removing plastic coatings
  • hydro-stripping
  • cleaning turbines and pipes
  • cleaning of distillation towers
  • removing road signs
  • cleaning of railway carriages and buses
  • cleaning heat exchangers

Our hydrodynamic units are mounted on suitably equipped trucks that allow rapid interventions in every place, considering also the possibility to operate at a distance with the use of tubes of different lengths.

The various applications are characterized either by different working pressures which may vary from 90 bar up to 1500 bar by the different accessories (nozzles and guns) that are used. Applications:

  • Hydrodynamic washing: descaling of pipes, tanks, furnaces and boilers; removing rust, paint, insulation.
  • Cold cuts: metals and refractory cuts, cutting up to 90-100 mm. steel, in total safety even in the presence of gas, hydrocarbons or flammable substances.


The solution for washing industrial floors is the use of brush machines for washing and aspiration of liquids from the floors.

The speed in the treatment and its effectiveness allows even a single operator, both to wash and dry the floor with a considerable saving of time and human resources (scrubber).
This result required until now an operator with mono-brush and one with liquid vacuum while by the use of our professional scrubber it is possible to halve working times.

Depending on the surfaces to be cleaned, PI 2000 provides several drive units that differ in washing speed, polishing and diameter of the brushes, so as to meet each user’s needs.


Through high-pressure pumps it is possible to intervene on the facades of buildings eliminating totally and effectively smog, writings and graffiti.

Our pressure washers machines differ in power and size, and allow the radical cleaning of infested surfaces from mold, algae, smog, old paint, general dirt, etc…

Among the various uses of high pressure washer on facades include:

  • plaster removing
  • bricks and stones grout lines
  • sanitizing the exterior walls
  • cleaning marble and travertine
  • rwritings and graffiti removal
  • paintings elimination

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