Fall-prevention and life lines

PI 2000 supplies and installs lifelines and fall protection systems to prevent the falling during high altitude work in civil and industrial applications.

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The lifelines are a set of fall arrest anchorages to which Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are attached to prevent falls from a height; the type of device varies depending on the type of coverage on which it must be mounted and depending on the slope of the same.

In fact, the fall arrest systems and lifelines are required whenever operators have to perform their tasks at a height greater than 2 meters, so as to ensure safety of work at height on roofs and roofing.

The characteristics and the dimensions of the fixing methods are established after technical analysis and are closely linked to the type of coverage.


PI 2000, after a careful study of the characteristics of structure and anchors, and in agreement with the customer, makes the design of the fall arrest system and is responsible for the supply and installation of lifelines, in full compliance with current legislation.

All materials used are certified, they are varied in nature but normally it is used stainless steel.

The laying of the lifeline is certified by technical report endorsed by the responsible engineer that will be issued together with the technical file including the description of all phases of installation, the anchors, the use of the fall arrest system and walkability in height.


The UNI EN 795 divides the systems of protection against falls from a height into 5 classes:

  • Class A: anchor points A1 and A2 Class, for permanent lifelines
  • Class B: temporary anchorage devices, temporary lifelines made for example for the execution of a construction site
  • Class C: devices on horizontal flexible anchor lines, which are also permanent
  • Class D: systems of rigid horizontal rail
  • Class E: dead body anchorages for flat roofs.

P.I. 2000 is mainly engaged in realization of Life lines class A, class C and class D..


Suitable for:

  • traditional roofs made with wooden structures, masonry or steel in accordance with the regulations.
  • civil or industrial metal roofing with any inclination, size and shape, insulated or not.
  • civilians flat or inclined industrial roofs.

Payload allowed:

You can make fall protection systems for pedestrian access from the minimum coverage of 1 person to a maximum of 4 persons.

Warranty and maintenance:

It is recommend routine maintenance with a maximum frequency of 10 years or as indicated in the installation use and maintenance manual. The systems, if properly maintained, have a 30 year warranty.


Fall arrest systems or life lines can be positioned either in coverage or undercover, it is the case of the rigid life lines on track system that can be installed horizontally on all surfaces. These systems are often used to prevent the side falling of operators working in height along a predefined track.




On request, we also provide access and passage systems as ladders, walkways and hooks. These systems can be of different nature: galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Where it is requested we provide the load certifications of stairways and structural anchors; Obviously all of these systems may be part of the fall protection system design as a whole.


The network in steel mesh is used as a fall protection system in under-roofing on concrete roofs.


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