Construction of sports facilities

PI 2000 possesses great experience in building large-scale infrastructure, we are qualified as ideal partner for the design and construction of new sports facilities.

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Football fields and five-a-side pitches, athletic tracks, tennis courts, and then indoor arenas for basketball, volleyball, skating and gyms.


P.I. 2000 designs and manufactures sports fields with artificial grass surfaces of the last generation, a valid alternative to natural grass surfaces as they allow to reduce operating and maintenance costs, ensuring maximum reliability and durability.

The sports fields with artificial grass can be used all year round, they offer excellent sports performances and have no excoriation risks for athletes.

Synthetic grass surfaces have several advantages compared to natural grass:

  • always natural green color in all seasons
  • perfect drainage
  • do not get compacted with use
  • practicability for 365 days a year
  • costs for ordinary maintenance eliminated
  • respect for the environment

Our synthetic grass surfaces are perfectly compatible for different uses:

  • football fields, 5-a-side pitches, tennis, beach tennis, basketball, rugby and other sports fields
  • street furniture (flowerbeds, roundabouts, green areas, public areas, etc…)
  • playgrounds and recreation areas

The products used are easy to maintain, very durable and are not sensitive to water and frost.


Also regarding gyms and indoor sports facilities,P.I. 2000 is able to coordinate an entire project from the ground up to final setting up.

The project involves paving specifications complying with European regulations for indoor surfaces, or special surfaces designed for skating rinks and multipurpose.

Following customer specifications we will take care, as single partner to oversee each phase of implementation from supply and installation of the structure to the finish required or indicated by the national and international sports federations regulations.


In order to offer a complete service I.P. 2000 also takes care of the preparations of each plant, which is delivered including:

  • drainage system with sewage networks
  • fence to delimit the field area
  • metal grandstands
  • playground and gardens
  • other sports equipment


We also realize coverings for sports facilities by geodesic, laminated wood and pressostatic structures.

Geodesic coverings are fast, cheap and extremely reliable, and are fitted with ventilation, lighting and heating systems.

The covering solution with laminated wood arches is extremely elegant and natural and take advantage of the versatility of this material joining it to the insulation properties of the PVC coated polyester fabric membrane.

Finally it is possible to request for pressostatic coverings ensuring low construction costs, flexibility in covering or uncovering the playing field according to seasonal and / or weather conditions.