Elastic waterproofing

PI 2000 has developed a revolutionary system for creating elastic waterproofing and provides permanent solutions for roofs, terraces, swimming pools, balconies, parkings, etc ...

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As part of the research and development program, PI 2000 has developed a revolutionary system for creating elastic sealing with a special formulation.

The waterproofing product is applied by spray painting and hydro-statically allowing to isolate any type of surface, restoring it without dismantling the old layer.

The formulation is applied in swimming pools, ponds, fountains, containers, terraces, balconies, parking lots and even vans.

The technique consists of incorporating between different layers the elastomeric liquid component based of rubber latex, a special high-strength fabric.

The high-pressure spraying of this compound creates a mantle without joints with high elastic modulus perfectly adapted to the underlying shape. The new layer is then be covered with ceramic tile or stone.

The application does not create fumes, it does not contain solvents and ensures a perfect durable coating protecting from all atmospheric agents.

Gallery waterproofing terraces and flat roofs

Gallery waterproofing in swimming pools


ECO: use of crumb rubber from discarded tires

CONVENIENT: lower labor costs; minimum preparation time; very fast Spray operation.

THERMO HARDENING: does not melt or drip.

POWERFUL ADHESIVE: it adheres uniformly to all of roofing substrates.

HYDROPHOBIC: water repellent, water drainage with minimum slope, stagnant water resistant.

DURABLE: it has been developed with raw materials such as to ensure wear resistance for a long time.

WITHOUT JOINTS: thermal spraying, is impermeable to air, no junctures, surface perfectly smooth and easily cleanable.

PERFECT ACCESSION: fixing points are not necessary, it is resistant to wind blows of hurricanes.

ELASTOMER: excellent tear resistance properties.

AUTOCOVERING: you must not perform the conventional long hedges in complicated surfaces: just spray on, below, above or around.

LIGHTWEIGHT: it can be applied on all roofing systems and on all types of roof eliminating costly removal of the old sheaths operations.

COMPATIBLE AND ADAPTABLE: it adheres to all substrates and flat and vertical surfaces of the roofs, allowing a very fast installation time.

This revolutionary system, already being tested in the U.S., uses a special formulation of three components blended a by specially designed machine.

This formulation, applied by spraying on the surfaces to be treated, creates a waterproofing membrane which hardens quickly and can be walked on after a short time. The result is a continuous layer of 2 mm thickness without joints, particularly resistant, elastic and durable over time.

The three components are mixed, dosed and sprayed hot from our special machine on the substrate of the roof, after having carefully cleaned the surface to be treated and controlled that it is completely dry.

The product starts to react as soon as it occurs the mixing of the components and in contact with the atmosphere, generating a membrane without joints impervious to any external agent.

Our unique and new spray technology rashly produces a perfectly flat and smooth coating, consisting of our polyurethane formulated with modified asphalt and pulverized recycled rubber.

The processing is divided into three main phases:

1. first an accurate cleaning of the areas to be covered is performed;
2. then the sheaths are applied in the most delicate points such as gaps, corners or places with greatest need of protection;
3. finally, the product is applied by spraying with dosages and density suitably calculated depending on the cases.

The fields of application are numerous and the main ones are:

  • roofing (roofs, terraces, roof gardens)
  • foundation walls
  • basements and elevator shafts
  • pipelines
  • tunnels
  • corrosion protection of steel and concrete
  • maritime applications
  • tanks
  • bridges
  • landfill


Gallery roofs and parking lots waterproofing



The Elastomeric waterproofing applies mainly to the foundation walls, terraces, roof gardens, cellars and elevator shafts as protection from moisture, giving the walls the same protection against any possible infiltration.

The processing, very similar to that applied to floors, is carried out first by the cleaning of the surface, then by the drafting of a consolidating primer.

Subsequently specific sheaths are positioned in the most delicate points such as edges, corners of fixtures and locations. The last phase of the process is the spray application of the component.



It is also carried out the laying of elastomeric sheaths for traditional waterproofing treatments of roofs. The sheaths are laid by flame and it is possible to choose between a wide range of materials, taking advantage of the multiple colors of the major manufacturers and selecting the preferred type: smooth, slated or Canadian.

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