PI 2000 performs roadside assistance with specialized personnel and instruments in charge of emergency response and safety of areas affected by floods and natural disasters.

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P.I. 2000 has its own breakdown service all year round, 24 hours a day.

Through the use of vehicles and specialized staff we are ready to intervene in any situation and wherever you need it on the highway, private roads or urban and suburban roads.


Our services include various activities:

  • Towing to the repair workshop – in case of an accident or a serious breakdown, we deliver the vehicles involved to the workshop;
  • Aid to heavy vehicles – we have specific wagons able to tow heavy vehicles and make recoveries even off-road, crane suitable for lifting trucks, trucks, tractors, trailers, etc…;
  • Transport vehicles – thanks to our varied fleet of vehicles, we can make the transfer of light and heavy vehicles, to and from any domestic or foreign locations.
  • Areas fencing – in case of leakage or loading drop we do confining, collecting and aspirating the dispersed load. Even in case of hazardous materials.
  • Recovery – by aspiration, collecting the load or arrangement of the road surface, we can realize any action required to bring the site subject of the intervention to its original state.
  • Disposal – we also make the disposal of any waste, pollutant or other material present on the spot.

The mean operation time with our wrecker is about 30 minutes, if the breakdown is required in areas near to our headquarters.

However for extraordinary interventions we operate throughout Italy and much of Europe.


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P.I. 2000 operates as emergency aid in case of washout, damage by natural disasters, floods, inundations, storms, tornadoes, mud, alluvium and in all dangerous situations and need for safety measures for Environmental Emergency.


The damage from fire, water, natural disasters are a constant risk for any type of business, for urban and suburban centers.

P.I. 2000 can count on many years of experience in the side of businesses and public Italian and foreign governments to provide service and timely support in case of need, and specifically:
ico-inquinamento  Emergency Service in case of pollution
ico-incendio  Emergency Service in case of fire
ico-allagamento  Emergency Service in case of flooding and natural disasters


P.I. 2000 knows how to intervene at best after a flood recognizing the operational requirements and minimizing the damage caused from the accident, in order to reduce downtime and accelerate operations and return to normal.


Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles and skilled personnel we can intervene in any situation realizing:

  • decontamination interventions and chemical cleaning
  • removal of water, mud and alluvium by aspiration and subsequent disposal
  • restoration of civil and industrial buildings
  • environmental remediation, rehabilitation and recovery
  • safety of environments
  • Management of snow emergency



At the request of the order or environmental protection forces we perform the first intervention for safeguards and security of people and surrounding environments necessary in case of dangerous activities or natural disasters.

Our intervention with vehicles and equipment makes it possible to restrict and confine the areas subject to danger, as in case of fire, flood, landslide, or other, restoring the security perimeter and allowing other emergency vehicles to operate in tranquility.

Our work is 24 h a day, we guarantee immediate timing of intervention in case of earthquakes in support of civil protection.