Foundation and earth moving excavations

PI 2000 makes foundation excavations at any depth with rocks and ground removal thanks to excavators and working machines with specialized and highly skilled workers.

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We realize foundation work for the removal of rocks and / or ground in order to create excavations and cavities necessary for the realization of successive building works.

The excavations carried out outdoor can be of any depth on the basis of the request of the customer and are divided into:

  1. earth removal excavations (or leveling)
  2. excavations in restricted or obliged section


The earth removal excavations or leveling or earthworks are those in which the horizontal surface is predominant with respect to the depth of the excavation, in fact, this section allows a direct access on the area of excavators and work machinery so that the excavated material is loaded directly on the transport vehicles. This type of excavations usually comprises scraping or placing of the ground for the subsequent realization of new buildings, or in the case of cuts of embankments and realizations of concrete bed foundations.


The restricted section or obliged excavations instead identify means excavations having the width equal to or less than the height, carried out starting from the surface of the natural ground or from the bottom of a previous excavation. They can be divided into:

  • set section excavations: the bottom of the excavation is inaccessible to transport, therefore two movements are necessary for the removal of the excavated material; this type of excavation is tipically used for the realization plinth or reversed beam foundations;
  • excavations in restricted section or in the trenches:  continuous excavations of restricted cross-section generally used for laying pipes, underground utilities, etc…

The soils subject to excavation are subsequently disposed of to authorized landfills by our staff and property vehicles.


For excavation and excavation and transportation of the materials we can make use of our large fleet of property transport vehicles which includes:


SME 560 Demolition excavator equipped with arm able to perform interventions at heights greater than thirty meters in total safety.


W170 Charger excavator for handling loose material, and load it on trucks for the final transport.

escavatore risucchio

Vacuum Excavator for removal operations and carryover of materials such as gravels, sands, resulting materials, road waste, sludge, grains and aggregates of particle sizes up to 200mm, with the possibility to operate without problems up to more than 70 meters.

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