Sewage plants construction

PI2000 realizes complete sewerage systems with the necessary excavations for the installation of pipelines, water collecting ducts and wells.

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Sewerage (or urban drainage system) refers to the set of underground pipelines designed to collect and remove, from civil or industrial sites, surface and waste waters.

This network is constituted by the collection and the placing work of rainwater and wastewater in road manifolds, from the network composed of the latter, by any hydraulic control artifacts, by lifting, from exhaust artifacts and by wastewater treatment plants, such as for example example water treatment plants.



PI 2000 is able to deal with this type of work both on public and private areas, also preparing the site of the sewer system by a demolition work of the existing sub-floor or more simply by an optimization of the land during construction.

The making of a good sewer system requires first that the works are harmonically designed to be a functional and unified whole. Thus the quality of the overall project that dictates the basic rules of the whole is crucial.

After installation back-filling is performed restoring the land to its original height.

The plant, built in compliance with the law, is ultimately subject to testing and subsequent approval by the competent bodies.

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