Biogas Plants

PI 2000 is responsible for supply, installation and implementation of biogas plants for electricity production, working together with your designer to provide a full functioning turnkey system .

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What is Biogas and what is its use?

Biogas is an alternative source for the production of renewable energy,
especially for the production of electricity and heat.
In fact, it possesses a high calorific value and it can be converted, through a co-generator, into electrical energy and heat, feeding in this way the company itself and the national electricity network.
Biogas is obtained by the conversion of various organic waste substances that, in addition to generating renewable energy, also produce a further compound, the digestate, which is used as a natural fertilizer in crops.

Why building a biogas plant?

A Biogas plant is strongly recommended for all agrozootechnic companies as they can seize the opportunity to transform animal wastes and agricultural by-products into ELECTRICITY and HEAT.
Also there are available relevant government incentives to companies to make up for a plant construction investment.

What can PI 2000 do?

PI 2000 provides thirty years of experience in infrastructures building and services building to perform supply, installation and implementation of your biogas plant.

Our technicians in fact normally cooperate with a team of designers to make the best accomplishment of the whole structure and accompany the plant since the first start-up phase.