Residential and industrial demolitions

PI 2000 deals with all types of demolition, from civil to industrial, including road and industrial flooring. Advanced techniques allow to carry out controlled demolitions of entire or portions of buildings and also reinforced concrete structures, without damaging the surroading areas.

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The execution of demolition works of civil and industrial buildings, or of total or partial public structures is realized through our large fleet of properties vehicles that allows to select case by case, the most appropriate intervention machinery by assuring the safety of the construction site and of the adjacent spaces.

Each resulting and derivation material performed by the demolition will then be loaded onto mobile cranes and transported avoiding the production of dust, excessive noise and vibration as much as possible.

By crushing units we are able to grind the debris resulting from demolition.


By the techniques of modern demolition we can deal with many needs coming from construction sites and any construction area working in full safety in demolition work of reinforced concrete structures, concrete and iron. Here are the main areas of intervention:

  • removal of architectural barriers;
  • demolition of concrete structures, brick and stones walls;
  • demolition of industrial plants and civil structures;
  • demolition of chimneys and tanks;
  • demolition of bridges, viaducts and overpasses;
  • soundproofed and without vibrations demolitions of portions of buildings;
  • controlled demolition with explosive milling of reinforced concrete;
  • demolition of metal structures of any size;
  • underwater demolitions.


Demolition of foundations and industrial floors of reinforced concrete and not, demolition of road surfaces for renovation or new construction of sewerage systems.

Each order is carried out with professionalism by completing the service with cleaning up the site safe from polluting materials, removal, transport and disposal or shredding of waste and the total recovery of the area.

As part of the demolition it is also carried out:

  • floors, slabs, beams, columns, flights of stairs cutting
  • road surfaces cutting
  • opening of doors, windows, rooms
  • prefabricated panels cutting
  • holes for the passage of pipes
  • drainage holes, anchors, clamps
  • tracks and grooves
  • cutting performed on reinforced concrete

Thanks to diamond disc it is in fact realized the cut of walls in reinforced concrete or masonry for the creation of openings or total demolition.

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In cases where it is required to minimize the production of noises and vibrations, or when it is not possible to interfere with activity adjacent to the building site, appropriate work plans are implemented that allow to avoid any interference, using the most appropriate technologies. Controlled demolition carried out in harmony with the structures to be changed and with the surroundings, has the following advantages:

  • no vibrations (those of percussion damage the structure);
  • low noise in compliance with customers and employees;
  • absence of polluting dusts.


The techniques which relies on controlled demolition, ranging from holes coring to cut by disc or by wire. These are methods that allow to partially act on the structure to be modified as well as to intervene on existing buildings without damage them.



PI 2000 features a large fleet of property including skilled staff that ranges from mini excavators for strip-out and emptying residential buildings interventions, radio-controlled robots for precision work in unsafe conditions for operators, medium and large size with extension to reach heights in excess of 30 meters for the demolition of large industrial complexes excavators.

In addition to hydraulic excavators equipped with pliers, hammers and shears, we have some SPECIAL DEMOLITION MACHINERY:


It is an electric car suitable for demolitions in confined spaces and closed areas. It can be equipped with both crushers and with jackhammers grabbers or polyp forceps.

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Pile breaker allows to grind quickly and accurately, pilings, keeping intact the inner reinforcement; then this will facilitate the work of reconstruction. The Pile breaker is installed on excavators, cranes or other machinery by means of suspension ropes for easily reach the area of intervention.

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Following demolition interventions or on explicit request we can make the withdrawal of construction waste derivated materials and run the disposal to a licensed landfill followed by reference form.

The processed materials:

  • demolition waste and various kinds of lands
  • gravels, sands, resulting materials
  • road waste, sludge, grains and aggregates
  • wood, concrete, ferrous and metallic material of various kinds
  • bricks

We carry out the collection service of rubble and aggregates, mills and grinds through our disposal at authorized disposal sites followed by relevant form.

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