Construction sites securing

PI 2000 creates confinement systems for construction sites and areas prone to danger, it makes fences, scaffolding, guardrails, and all the necessary protection systems for temporary and permanent construction sites.

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Each fixed or mobile site requires some safety setup work to ensure the proper operation and prevent unauthorized persons may access and / or the workers themselves are in danger.

The site is generally the place and set of systems, equipment, warehouses and offices where we do construction work, and in general include:

  • works of maintenance, repair and demolition;
  • works of conservation, restoration and renovation;
  • excavations;
  • assembly and disassembly of prefabricated elements;
  • construction of new buildings and / or civil works for new infrastructure, etc…


All undergone working areas or areas subject to danger, and storage areas and transit of working vehicles must be confined by means of metal or plastic enclosures which have a dual use object; on one hand they respond to the need of regulating access to the site, preventing the entrance to non-experts, and on the other hand they are a measure of prevention and protection from the risk of interference between the activities within and in the vicinity of the construction site.


For all works on a roof or at heights it is necessary to provide a series of collective protection systems such as scaffolding and railings suited to the work on the perimeter of buildings and factories.

The company is specialized in the assembly and disassembly of various types of scaffolding:

  • Scaffolding fixed to prefabricated frames: this type of scaffold is the most widely used. It is a very desirable system since the mounting times are normally shorter. These products have predetermined horizontal and vertical distances and are often integrated with other materials such as pipes and joints.
  • Scaffolding by tubes and joints: this type is certainly the most versatile, because its system makes possible the adjustment of the structure and allows you to connect two tubes in any position and at not predetermined distances. 
  • Upright and crosspieces prefabricated scaffolding (multi-directional): this scaffold has the particularity to combine the versatility of the pipes and joints and the simplicity of prefabricated frames.

All of our scaffolds are certified in accordance with and preceded by Pi.M.U.S. performance (Installation Use and Dismantling of Scaffolding Plan) executed and signed by a professional engineer listed on the National Engineers Register.

We also provide RAILINGS for work on roofs.

They are specially realized depending on the intervention and they are defined by the technician during the inspection. As needed there will be designed:

  • Batten Railings
  • Clamp Railings
  • Screw Railings

See the LIFE LINES page for information on our Fall Protection Systems.


Safety signs are a means of prevention and protection for workers that are realized by the use of signs, luminous or acoustic signals.

We can create permanent signs for each type of yard devices such as warning signs, warnings, first aid signs etc. occasional signs with light signals for the guidance of people during certain maneuvers, or acoustic signals such as a clearing signal or alarm.

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