Sawing and core drills of reinforced concrete

PI 2000 is able to perform reinforced concrete cutting using a diamond disc and concrete drilling with a special "coring" instrument for the realization of holes, anchors or for the extraction of samples.

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PI 2000 deals with concrete and reinforced concrete cut by using a diamond disc and suitable fastening systems, by which it is possible to make precise cuts even of complete walls of considerable size.

We can operate realizing:

  • Cuts on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Cuts of each type of material: reinforced concrete or not, brick, masonry, wood
  • Walls cut
  • Floors cut

The operation is performed by the use of diamond discs of various diameters that are selected based on the type of concrete to be engraved, the presence and quantity of surface hardening, the quantity and quality of steel reinforcement.

The operations carried out by diamond disc allow the cut for the creation of openings or are in aid to the controlled total demolitions.




The use of this technique has several advantages over the execution of manual work:

  • cuts of varying depth
  • precision and uniformity of intervention
  • reduced dust emissions
  • no vibrations and damage on structures not subject to intervention
  • applicable on any type of wall
  • executable with any angle of inclination
  • greater speed of execution

floors and joints Saw (SAWS floors / joints)



The work of coring consists of a punching system by means of an appropriate electric or hydraulic “coring” tool that practice a milling capable of etching any material in a clear way.

The realization of coring allows anchorages of guard-rails, barriers, parapets, technological systems (electrical, hydraulic, civil and industrial) sampling, inspections, buttonholes and shaped openings of any size.

The cores are also made for:

  • facilitate the passage of pipes for plumbing, electrical, and ventilation systems;
  • fixing to the ground industrial machinery;
  • facilitate the passage of steel bars for static reinforcement of the structures.

The execution of coring holes through drill can be performed on vertical and horizontal surfaces of any material (cement, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, masonry, wood), you can perform the required diameter holes with considerable depth and any angle of inclination.

When necessary, it is then also carried out the work of perforated patterns with coring by water complementary to the realization of technological systems. In this way a precise intervention is carried out without the need to patch-up and restoration works of the structure.

The use of a core drill for drilling allows not to stress the wall to the typical blows of a percussion drilling, in this way you can do work, even for not recent buildings, being sure not to compromise the integrity of the structure.


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