P.I. 2000 features a wide range of excavating machines, ideal to meet every need and working up to 30 meters in height in complete safety.

The main types of excavator

PMI 560 Demolition Excavator

PMI 560 Demolition Excavator mounted on base machine NEW HOLLAND E485.

This machinery equipped with a high arm is able to perform special demolitions at heights greater than thirty meters in total SAFETY.

It has a FOPS cabin (cabin resistant to falling objects shocks) and ROPS cab (cab resistant to over-rolling).

This particular type of tracked hydraulic excavator is fitted with demolition equipment comprising: barbed wire arm, demolition boom, swiveling cab support and extension arm.

To rent the PMI 560 excavator with an operator, CONTACT US.


PC 130 excavator


Komatsu PC130 excavator is a robust machine with high productivity, particularly suitable for excavation works, leveling, trench digging and demolition works in general.

This tracked hydraulic excavator is fitted with equipment for demolition, as well as equipped with SpaceCab cabin which protects the operator in case of rollover.


Other Excavators

We have excavators for earth-moving and removal of ground portions available in different sizes, in order to facilitate efforts even in confined spaces.


W171 Loader excavator

PALA W 170

The loader excavator is a machine for handling loose material, especially earth, adapted to be moved and loaded onto trucks for transportation to its final location. It is called a wheeled or tracked depending on its traction system.

The frame of the wheeled loader has a central joint, so that the entire machine steers and not only the wheels, ensuring better maneuverability.

The use of these machinery is often preferred for an economic factor; in fact, it is possible to use a single machinery for digging and loading.


The peculiar element is the blade, usually the frontal, able to collect the loose material thanks to the lower edge (“blade”) and the much higher capacity than that of an equal-sized excavator.

The front shovel is connected to the frame by two hydraulic movement arms; if there is any need, it is possible to change the front tool and mount other devices such as jaws to grip pipes or trunks.

The loader is much more rapid in movement than the excavator, but much less productive in the excavation phase: however, this type of machinery can also be used for small excavation at limited depths jobs or for finishing works.

Suction Excavator

A latest generation machinery in the field of suction and pumping, this unique vehicle allows every takeaway and bringing back operation, even from poorly accessible sites (roofs, tunnels, basements, etc …) of materials such as gravels, sands, resulting materials, rubble, road waste, sludge, crusher and mill waste, grains and aggregates of particle sizes up to 200mm.

Thanks to these machines it is possible to operate, at the maximum safety of the operators and protecting the environment, with great precision and cleanliness; it is therefore the optimal solution for industries, for treatment plants and for residential and / or historical areas.

The suction excavator is able to operate without problems up to more than 70 meters. The machines are equipped with many extensions and joints which make it possible to reach any work places without any problem.