The slipform Paver realizes concrete plates, while maintaining the characteristics of the concrete used. Its size makes it possible to realize streaks of more than 750 cm wide, 45 cm thick and as long as necessary.

It is equipped with sensors for directional trend and to obtain the maximum planarity.

The vibrating capacity of the machine makes it possible to compact the material up to a depth of over 35 cm, thereby obtaining extra flat surfaces.

The flexibility of the Paver allows to create, at the time of the jet, right joints, like expansion joints, or shaped to facilitate the joint between two adjacent surfaces.

The traditional rebar is by this system replaced with steel fibers, which increase the resistance to traction of the structure.

The type of flooring finish can vary from extra-fine until each required degree of roughness, through the use of mechanical finishing plasters.

Our technical department is able to evaluate the different variables of the equipment used, by varying the composition of the concrete according to the variation of the construction site aggregates. All work to ensure durable and better enforcement of working time.