For the pumping and spraying mortars and concretes we have an assortment of TURBOSOL, leading brand in the production of machines and pumping systems for screeds and substrates.



camion massetti

Self-leveling screeds are used as traditional screeds for the entrapment of the pavement. Differently from the traditional ones they have a liquid consistency and are mixed inside the truck and then they can be placed on the ground by a pump connected to the truck.

Its consistency means that it can be distributed uniformly creating a perfectly leveled floor with low specific weight and high resistance to pressure. The laying system, through the use of our trucks, in addition to ensuring speed and tidiness in the execution of the work, allows to obtain a high quality mixture and to avoid material in the storage yard, with a possibility of reducing the dirt and material to be disposed of. Moreover, not being necessary the crane to move the materials, you also get a further saving of time and manpower.