P.I. 2000 has several current generators to fulfill different demands for electric power.

P.I. 2000 has, and also offers by rental, its silenced generators with a simple design and standard equipment, these groups are the ideal choice for customers who want a professional product, easy to use, especially in starting-up operations.

P.I. 2000 has the ability to obtain energy by silenced motor generators; this technology allows powers to range from 5 kWh to more than 700 kWh, as well as to meet the demand for both civil and industrial use.

Ideal for immediate energy, power generators are particularly suitable for all cases of temporary electricity demand: fairs, shows, fests, festivals, etc …

Not less important are all those cases of intervention in order to compensate all interruptions of the main power lines due to maintenance or natural disasters, for example landslides, earthquakes, heavy snow, flooding, etc …

In all these cases, P.I. 2000 immediately reaches the places in need of intervention in order to restore the area and dab with generators the power lines temporarily interrupted in order to secure all primary necessity services.