Mini Brokk 180 is a remote controlled machine for demolition, perfect for medium to large demolitions.

This lightweight machine, performant, safe and versatile is particularly useful for demolitions in confined spaces due to its compact shape and its weight of 1900kg.

It is also equipped with a large power unit (18,5kw electric motor) and can be equipped with different types of accessories: hydraulic hammer (up to a blowing power of 410 joule), crushers, grabbers or polyp forceps.



The machine has an electric motor and is therefore suitable for use in enclosed spaces, in fact, thanks to the mechanical narrowing of the wagon system up to 780mm, it is able to pass through the majority of the openings and it can be used virtually anywhere.

Safety has been the priority of the project so Brokk 180 is equipped with a digital remote control allowing to control the unity in safety and with incredible accuracy from the distance.

Perfect for medium to large, effective and safe demolitions; cement plants, mines, tunnels, metalworking and nuclear.



A pile breaker allows to grind quickly and accurately, foundation piles, keeping the internal rebar and solving the problem of demolition and removal of the pile concrete.

Our own machine, thanks to the great flexibility of its modular system, is able to break round foundation piles ranging from a minimum diameter of 700mm up to a maximum of 1600mm and with the aid of special inserts square piles also.



How does pile breaking work

The Pile Breaker mounted on an excavator is first lowered over the pile, then put into operation to carry out the demolition and finally used to remove the demolished concrete exposing the reinforcement bars of the pile itself.

This machine is made by a modular system which enables the demolition of both round and square piles simply by varying the number and type of modules and adapting the equipment to each specific processing with maximum flexibility.